How To Shop Smart for Women’s Clothing

How many clothing items are hanging in your closet or languishing in a dresser drawer that you hate?  What percentage of your clothes are things that you pass by in favor of ANYTHING else and haven’t even considered wearing in more than a year?  If you’re like most people, you have an unseemly number of clothing items that should probably have been a) never bought in the first place; b) donated to a thrift store a long time ago; or c) set on fire.  Get rid of what doesn’t fit, what’s torn or dirty, what just never looked right on you.  Clean the slates before you get started on restocking your clothing bank.

MAKE LISTS!  Take an inventory of what you have and what you need more of.  Include shoes, jewelry, coats, sweaters…everything.New Kaelyn Max at Openstock ApparelNew Kaelyn Max at Openstock Apparel

The smart thing to do, the frugal and self-respecting thing to do is learn how to shop smart for women’s clothing in the first place.

Start off by knowing what size you ACTUALLY ARE.  Find a measurement chart online and take your measurements to learn your standardized sizes.  You’ll need to take your measurements for bra size, shoe size, waist, hips, inseam length and even head size (if you’re going to buy hats).  Even know what size you really need for rings.  Next, find out what type of body you have.  Are you long-waisted?  Do you have a great chest?  Is your waist thick?  Do you have chunky thighs or a less-than-stellar butt?  You’ll need to know what you want to accentuate or de-emphasize before you head for the stores.

There are several things you’ll really need to nail down before shopping including WHICH of the clothes you love and why.  Is your look consistently casual?  Are you more of a button-down type?  Are you trying to bust out of a rut?  Then look through magazines and find what you’d love to try.  Consider whether you’re really happy with a color you consistently go to, or if you’d like to try something different.  Make sure your current color or one you’re considering is even flattering by holding it up to your face and looking in a mirror.  Do you look washed out, or tired in that color?  Do you have enough clothes for different occasions?  For instance, can you go to the beach and to a church outing on the same weekend?

New Kaelyn Max in 4 colorsNew Kaelyn Max in 4 colors

The most important step to learning to shop smart for women’s clothing is to go to stores and try on every clothing item you’re considering.  Consider bringing along someone whose opinion you value, or learn to be realistic and critical on your own.  Is the item flattering, both in fit and color?  Is it comfortable?  Is it affordable? Will you be able to find shoes to go with it?  Do you already have seven of the same item sitting at home?  Can you afford your look, or do you need to learn how to be a little more sensible?

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